Silk Care

How to take care of Handloom Silk.

Dry cleaning always is recommended for Handloom Silk due to the 100% natural fiber content and the entirely hand-woven nature of the product.

However caring for Handloom Raw Silk is not so difficult task once you know the proper procedure. In the event that you wish to wash silk by hand, please note the following.

1. Before washing, test for color fastness. Dip a small piece of the silk in cold or tepid water. Take a piece of white cotton fabric and lay it over the silk, then press with a warm iron. If there is any transfer of color to the white fabric other than a faint mark, do not hand wash the item.

2. Never soak, boil or bleach silk. Never try to remove stains yourself. Silk threads (Light colors only) may be hand-washed in tepid water (35°C maximum) with the addition of a washing product for delicate products e.g., soap flakes or gentle detergent.

3. Rinse thoroughly three times using hand hot water for each rinse.

4. Squeeze the water gently out of the silk fabric. Do not wring the garment to get the water out. Then roll the article in a clean dry towel to remove surplus water. Never leave it in a towel or in a crumpled condition.

5. Allow drying if necessary in an airy place away from the sun and direct heat.

6. Place your iron on the lowest heat setting. Turn your garment inside out. Test your iron on an area of the silk garment that is not easily seen, to make sure that it does not hurt the fabric. Iron the garment the rest of the way dry.

7. Store your raw silk garments in an area where moths cannot attack the fabric. Place cedar blocks in closets or drawers to repel moths.

NOTE: Warning! Be very careful with dark colors (Dark marine, dark brown, bright red, green or purple.). They are obtained by addition of coloring matters and color fastness cannot be guaranteed.

Possible shrinkage of maximum 3%.

Silk Drapes and Curtains should only be dry cleaned. Remove hooks, rings and trim before cleaning. Do not allow dust to accumulated – gently vacuum with the appropriate attachment regularly.

Please feel free to contact us in case you need any information regarding Handloom Raw Silk


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