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Fabrics – Fabrics are woven in a Foot – Treadle Floor Loom by very professional and skilled labors. Fabrics are mostly 45” (inches wide) to maintain quality. However we can offer the sizes and thickness as per demand of the clients, keeping the maximum width 90” to the length of your choice. Once again we would like to focus on our products being made from 100% natural fibers.

Fabrics made by Nepal Handloom Silk Industry have a raw texture adding to its    uniqueness and something that is valued by elite class as well as the not so privileged. We supply all kinds of Raw Silk fabrics made from Silk Yarns like Airy, Bulkar, Dupion, Feshwa, Katan, Matka, Muga, Noil, Spun, Thoster, Tussar, Githca etc. However the difference between each type of fabric can only be clearly distinguished by touch and feel. Photos may not be as effective as the sensation you can have while holding the fabric. For big order clients through export, we usually send the sample swatches of the latest designs. In case a fabric is designed by a client, we do not leak the design to other clients.

Wraps – Wrap is a piece of garments typically used to cover a body. At Nepal Handloom Silk Industry, we generally characterized them mainly into four groups – Mufflers, Stoles, Shawls and Blankets. All the Silk Yarns used to make fabrics can be used to make Handloom Raw Silk Wraps. Sizes are conversely, sometimes altered according to the demands of the clients. We also give the privilege to choose from designs and colors or innovation their own designs, to our large order clients.

Mufflers – Size is 12”X60” (in inches).

Stole – Sizes are 18”X72” (in inches)

                         24”X72” (in inches)

Shawls – Sizes are 28”X80” (in inches)

                           36”X80” (in inches)

Blankets – Sizes are 55”X105” (in inches)

                              90”X105” (in inches)

NOTE: The sizes given above are the most convenient sizes. Sizes can be altered according to customer demands.

Yarns – Nepal Handloom Silk Industry deals in all kinds of Raw Silk Yarns. You can contact our head office for all kinds of good quality Raw Silk Yarns like Airy, Bulkar, Dupion, Feshwa, Katan, Matka, Muga, Noil, Spun, Thoster, Tussar Githca etc. Usually yarns are sold as per the unit of weight (in kilograms). Although some yarns look best in their natural color, we also give our clients the opportunity of selecting colors of their choice.

Garments and Accessories – Due to current global recession and the political situation of our country, we have minimized the level of production of Handloom Raw Silk garments and accessories. Yet our tailoring unit has managed to become a huge success when it comes to satisfying our retail customers. Customers usually come up with their own designs or pick up something from magazines and we make them. However sometimes, little modifications may be needed. We currently are in plans to extend our tailoring unit and it may be accomplished very soon.

Recycled Silk – Recycled Silk or locally known as “Cho-Cho” is made from old Silk garments or leftover Silk. The yarn of Cho-Cho or Recycled Silk is usually thick and can be knitted like wool into beautiful garments like pullovers, caps mufflers etc. However we recommend only dry clean for products made from Cho-Cho Yarn as it is prone to color loss. Nepal Handloom Silk Industry is also in the process of launching Soap, Face Wash and Shampoo made out of recycled Silk.

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