Product Line

Fabrics – Pashmina Fabrics are also generally 45 inches in width. However, like for Handloom Silk Fabrics, we can offer the sizes and thickness as per demand of the clients, keeping the maximum width 90” to the length of your choice. Customers can also choose the Pashmina percentage to Silk for e.g. 70% Pashmina and 30% Silk, 100% Pashmina. Please remember that Silk is added to Pashmina not to decrease the quality of the product but to make it durable for day to day use as 100% Pashmina can be very delicate and a little difficult to maintain. Designs, colors and Pashmina percentage may also be according to the option of the clients.

Wraps – A Wrap is a piece of garments typically used to cover a body. At Nepal Handloom Silk Industry, we generally characterized them mainly into four groups – Mufflers, Stoles, Shawls and Blankets. When it comes to Pashminas, they are most commonly used as Wraps. We at Nepal Handloom Silk Industry have been manufacturing, retailing, wholesaling and exporting Pashmina Mufflers, Stoles, Shawls and Blankets for more than twenty years at current. Our brand has built a level of bond with our customers through the many years in the Pashmina business and the trust in quality.

Mufflers – Size is 12”X60” (in inches).

Stole – Sizes are 18”X72” (in inches)

                         24”X72” (in inches)

Shawls – Sizes are 28”X80” (in inches)

                           36”X80” (in inches)

Blankets – Sizes are 55”X105” (in inches)

                              90”X105” (in inches)

NOTE: The sizes given above are the most convenient sizes. Sizes can be altered according to customer demands. Designs, colors and Pashmina percentage may also be according to the preference of the clients.

Garments and Accessories – We manufacture many types of Pashmina garments and accessories like pullovers, sweaters, night gowns, caps etc for men, women and children. We also produce garments and accessories for new born babies like blankets, bibs, caps etc.

However due to current global recession and the political situation of our country, we have minimized the level of production of Pashmina garments and accessories. You can have a look at our Pashmina gallery for an idea of the types of garment and accessories we produce.