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Fabrics – Linen Fabrics, like all fabrics made by Nepal Handloom Silk Industry are woven in a Foot – Treadle Floor Loom by very professional and skilled labors. Linen Yarns are imported for India or China but all other manufacturing process is done here itself, in our factory in Nepal. Fabrics are mostly 45” (inches wide) to maintain quality. However we can offer the sizes and thickness as per demand of the clients, keeping the maximum width 90” to the length of your choice. Lenin Fabrics can also be dyed for the color of your choice.

Wraps – Wrap is a piece of garments typically used to cover a body. At Nepal Handloom Silk Industry, we generally characterized them mainly into four groups – Mufflers, Stoles, Shawls and Blankets. However for Linens, due to its demand, we produce them mostly in Stole and Shawls sizes. Some people also prefer Linens as Bed Sheets or Bed Covers which can also be manufactured according to the choice of your size. When it comes to Wraps, Linens are not as much preferred as Handloom Silk or Pashmina. However if an item is not common, it is often viewed as unique. Recently our outlet store has been successful in selling Linen Wraps. Linen Wraps may not be as warm as a Pashmina, but it sure does add an elegant trend to your fashion.

Stole – Sizes are 18”X72” (in inches)

                         24”X72” (in inches)

Shawls – Sizes are 28”X80” (in inches)

NOTE: The sizes given above are the most convenient sizes. Sizes can be altered according to customer demands. Designs and colors may also be according to the preference of the clients.

Garments and Accessories – Due to its highly absorbent and a good conductor of heat character, Linen garments are perfect for summer season.  Linen has poor elasticity and does not spring back readily, explaining why it wrinkles so easily. But due to the comfortability of Linen garments, it has not stopped customers from visiting our showroom for their own customized garments.

Please refer to the Linen gallery to see the types of Linen garments and accessories we have produced.

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